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Mogadore Historical Society

Mogadore, Ohio

a fine example of successful historic preservation

The Depot

In 1983, Mayor George Wear learned that the Norfolk and Southern Corporation, parent of Norfolk and Western Railroad planned to demolish the 1900's depot in Mogadore. The present Historical Society was formed and began seeking funds to save the building and move it. GenCorp donated property, and with a state grant, the building made the journey south from the railroad tracks to 87 South Cleveland Avenue on November 17th, 1989.

The depot is much as it had been in 1912, after a train jumped the tracks and all but demolished the building. Also, during World War II, the cargo room was enlarged as General Tire Company was shipping large amounts of war materials by railroad. The Historical Society built a foundation on which to set the building with plans to use the basement as a meeting / fellowship room, witht he original floor becoming a museum for historical Mogadore Memorabilia. A short stretch of track was installed with the promise of a caboose from Wheeling & Lake Erie RR, but upon the sale of that RR to Norfolk and Western RR, that offer was rescinded.

The Village has maintained the grounds and the community is proud of such an attractive facility. Not many small towns have such a visible Historical Society. Although much work has been done, volunteers are always needed for restoration and maintenance.

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Please do not contact the webmaster of this website for further information on the Mogadore Historical Society. This webpage was created in honor of the volunteers that have worked to restore and maintain the depot. If you are trying to contact the Mogadore Historical Society and cannot find a direct way to do so, I suggest calling the library or village offices in the Village of Mogadore. .Hopefully an internet search will result in locating an official website for the Village of Mogadore.



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